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Why to purchase a copier /mfd when technology is fast changing ??? Rather install a copier/MFD on Rent..

Why rent a Copier/MFD.

*No long term commitment. Rent a copier/mfd from one day to over one year.
*Ability to upgrade copier if your needs change without penalty.
*Everything you need to complete your task (except paper).

DOCODEAL specialises in renting copiers, MFDs, and fax machinesAll of our copier ,mfd and fax rentals come with our high value service and customer satisfaction assurance.
Having a large inventory of equipment and service in 3-4 hours in city and 6-8 hrs in remote has helped DOCODEAL to become one of the leading copier/mfd rental companies in western MP
80% of our rental business now comes from referrals or repeat customers.
In addition DOCODEAL rents to trade shows, conventions, accounting, construction, and government offices in the western MP on a short-term basis. If you need a copier, mfd or a fax from one day to over a year, DOCODEAL can help!DOCODEAL provides solutions for a company's document production and reproduction needs, These solutions are provided by DOCODEAL’s experts who have helped hundreds of companies with copier/mfd rentals and new machines sales since 1994

Why Rental?

DOCODEAL can tailor a rental program to meet your specific needs, from weekly to as long as you need it!

Yes, there is either a one week or one month minimum rental charge. If you use the copier for less than the designated plan, your cost will be for the minimum period. If you use the copier for more than the minimum rental period, your final usage will be prorated.

Digital copier/MFD, service, and supplies (excluding paper). In addition, we provide FREE training on all copiers and fax units we rent.

A. We offer two types of pricing programs.

• Our first program includes a number of copies in our base rental rate. If you exceed the allotted copies, you are charged a per copy rate.

• Our high volume copy program is our unique for customers making over 20,000 copies per month. Here you pay only for copies which are charged at a very low rate. This program rewards our customer to make their copies at the lowest possible price.

Our engineer will call you immediately after receiving your service call. Thanks to digital copier technology, many times the problem can be fixed over the telephone. If we find that we need to come to your office for service, we will be there in 3- 4 working hours in local and 8-12 working hours in remote.

Unfortunately there are times when a copier will breakdown at the most inconvenient time. We understand there are times when you can’t wait for our technical support. DOCODEAL will try and provide a stand by machine to take care of your emergency copying requirement.

Yes. DOCODEAL has sufficient copier inventory to meet whatever our customer’s needs might be!

Although there are times we can deliver in the next day. we can guarantee delivery with in Five days after all formalities are completed and rental agreement is mutually signed.

We primarily service Indore, Dewas, Mhow, Pithampur, Dhar, Khandwa, Ujjain (and the surrounding locations of Western MP)



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